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EPC model where the consumer has to bear all the capital expenses incurred in installing a rooftop system upfront, & owns the solar system from Day 1. Ideal for users looking for tax & depreciation benefits.


'Pay as you use' model where the solar developer owns the solar project, and the consumer only has to pay for the energy generated. Ideal for all consumers not looking to make a long term capital investment.

Open Access

MW scale plants away from your business premises. Ideal for large industrial and commercial business consumers. Power tariffs are much cheaper than grid tariffs, helps in saving costs, while also reducing their carbon footprint.

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Our Advantages

Our end-to-end solutions, from system design, procurement, installation, commissioning, to operation and maintenance, are powered by our experienced team of industry professionals, to bring the power of renewable energy within your reach.

In-House Capabilities

HFM Solar is distinct in having in-house expertise in engineering, procurement, & project management. Hands-on experience in installing customized rooftop projects across diversified customers.

Our in-house capabilities allow us to ensure strict adherence to quality, safety and compliance, and to turn around projects quickly and seamlessly.

Maximizing Electricity Generation

A commitment to asset management allows to maximize long-term plant performance, for the mutual benefit of HFM Solar & its clients.

Our team monitors performance, manages operations, and oversees the maintenance of the sites with the goal of minimizing downtime & maximizing energy production.

Quality & Safety

Safety and Quality are always the first priority for HFM Solar, whether during plant installation or during O&M. Strict adherence to safety guidelines & relevant regulations.

As a Solar Power Developer ourselves, we aim to reduce the lifetime cost of energy by ensuring extended asset life, & high, long-term performance by using the highest quality.

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What Our Clients Say

It is to certify that HFM Solar has commissioned the 101.50 kWp Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Power Plant under RESCO Model at Shyama Prasad Mukherji College (For Women). The solar power plant is running successfully in the college since the date of commissioning. We wish HFM Solar the very best.

Prof. Sadhna Sharma, Principal

I am very happy with the decision to install rooftop solar plant from HFM Solar Power Private Limited. Not only am i reducing my carbon footprint and helping the environment, but i am also saving money on my energy bills every month. The solar system was expertly installed and has been performing flawlessly from the time of installation. I highly recommend anyone interested in solar energy to consider HFM Solar as their choice for their renewable energy needs. Thank you to HFM Solar and their team who made this possible.

Mr. Amitabh Shukla

The Solar Plant installation done on the rooftop and parking lot by HFM Solar has been commendable. The team approached us and explained the entire process in detail. I am very happy with the outcome and the resulting benefits in the form of reduced electricity bill, due to solar plant installation. The Solar Carport installed by them has been amazing and has significantly enhanced the look of the Parking Lot. The installation was flawless and completed on schedule. They are a One stop Shop for Solar. Happy with the experience and professionalism of HFM Solar team.

Sethi Trust

The Solar System installation, its operation, potential power output, and cost savings were all well explained by HFM Solar. The installation was flawless and completed on schedule. Happy with the performance of the solar plant and professionalism of HFM Solar team. The HFM Solar team has also been performing O&M of the solar system on a regular basis. The installation of the solar system has resulted in significant reduction of the electricity bill.

Mrs. Shuba Chaturvedi

Given that our experience was excellent, we’re pleased to provide this review. HFM Solar has successfully commissioned the rooftop solar plant at our premises. The team explained in detail regarding the functioning of the Solar Plant, and its benefits to our company. Their team have been highly professional since Day 1. The solar plant installation & performance has exceeded our expectations. We are extremely happy with their excellent work & wish them all the success in their future endeavours.

Harak Chandra Flour Mills

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Calculate How Much You Can Save