Open Access

Are you a consumer with a High Demand of Electricity & not enough area within your premises for an onsite plant ?

Open Access Model, enables heavy users with more than 1 MW connected load to buy cheap power from the open market. The concept is to allow the customers to choose from a number of competitive power companies, rather than being forced to buy power from the local utility monopoly. It not only helps the industrial & commercial consumers by ensuring regular electricity supply at competitive rates but also enhances the business of power markets. Open access helps consumers reduce their carbon footprint & meet their Renewable Purchase Obligations (RPOs) as well.

Under this model, we can meet all your business electricity needs by supplying energy from our offsite private Large Ground Mounted Solar Plants. Open access power tariffs are much cheaper than grid tariffs. Moreover, this model allows consumers to overcome the limitations of onsite solar installation, as it is a scalable option which is not constrained by availability of space at your facility.

Open Access Power Sector

How Open Access Works

  • A long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is signed between the power consumer (off-taker) and solar power project owned by HFM Solar.
  • The entire project is developed, constructed, and financed by HFM Solar. Only in the captive model as per required regulations, the power off-taker is also required to invest in equity.
  • The power is generated and sold to the off-taker under open access route at a pre-determined tariff.
  • With the help of real-time analytics and remote monitoring systems HFM Solar is able to ensure optimum generation without any power interruptions.
  • Clients pay for only the units they have consumed, ensuring savings from Day 1 of the operations.

Reduce your energy bills, support your net-zero targets and fulfil RPO obligations, with energy from one of HFM Solar’s large ground mount solar plants, delivered to you through the Open Access Model.

Who Is It For

Open Access is for you if you

Are individual industrial / commercial user with over 1 MW power requirement
Are group of industrial / commercial users having total power requirement of 1MW
Have to meet Carbon reduction or Green mandates from investors or OEMs

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